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QAPI Accreditation & Award
Program Standards

Providigm's QAPI Accreditation Standards

Providigm’s Basic QAPI Accreditation and Advanced QAPI Accreditation programs are based on four standards for excellence in continuously improving quality of care and life for nursing home residents. The four standards, or Four C’s, are evaluated quarterly for a period comprising the preceding twelve months (four quarters).

  1. Comprehensive – There are a sufficient number of QAPI assessments completed by the facility staff and entered into the abaqis web-based program. The assessments consist of the admission record review, census record review, family interview, resident interview, resident observation and staff interview.
  2. Continuous – The quality activities are not done just during the survey window. Quality activities are performed on an ongoing basis.
  3. Coverage – There are a sufficient number of unique residents assessed through resident observations and/or a census record review. The same resident assessments cannot be used repeatedly.
  4. Corrective – Areas that have been identified as needing improvement are going through an improvement process. These are known as Investigation activities.

Embracing Quality Awards Standards

The Embracing Quality Awards Program has three criteria.
  1. Customer Satisfaction – achieving a high abaqis endorsement score
  2. Prevention of Hospital Readmissions – a risk-adjusted hospital readmission rate of less than 5%
  3. Deficiency-Free Survey – zero deficiencies on the most recent standard survey

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