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Press Release: Nursing homes Achieving New Advanced Accreditation See Improved Measures of Quality, Better Occupancy Rates

DENVER, CO – August 04, 2015

Providigm, LLC, a developer of quality management systems for skilled nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, today announced details of the Advanced level of their national accreditation for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) for nursing homes and centers.

Providigm’s QAPI Accreditation program, introduced in 2013, is based on standards for excellence in continuously improving quality of care and life for post-acute and long-term care residents. The new Advanced Accreditation identifies nursing centers that have embraced an extremely thorough and consistent process of quality improvement work.

“It’s our hope that by announcing a higher standard of quality work, current abaqis users will strive for even greater improvements in their quality outcomes,” said Dr. Andrew Kramer, Providigm’s CEO and an international expert on measuring quality of elder care.

Nursing homes and centers receiving the Advanced QAPI Accreditation will be announced by Providigm on Friday, August 14, 2015. An analysis of facilities with Advanced Accreditation show that they achieve twice the rate of zero deficiency surveys (the annual government audit of compliance with federal and state regulations) as compared to non-accredited facilities.(1) Facilities with Advanced Accreditation also experience occupancy rates four percentage points higher than non-accredited facilities which translates to an average revenue increase of nearly $500,000 annually.(2)

“The 255 centers that have achieved Advanced Accreditation have a demonstrated track record of robust quality improvement work through the collection and evaluation of data that is representative of the entire population of the residents and patients that they serve,” said Miranda Meadow, Providigm’s QAPI Accreditation Program Manager. “The dramatic differences in survey outcomes, civil money penalties, and even occupancy rates further support what we have known all along: using abaqis for ongoing quality improvement leads to a better, safer, and more stable nursing center.”

Providigm will continue to recognize centers that meet the accreditation standards used for the past two years with their Basic QAPI Accreditation, as well. Nursing centers are evaluated for accreditation based on standards for excellence in continuously improving quality of care and life for nursing home residents. The accreditation standards include measures of the extent to which nursing homes assess the care they provide to their post-hospital and long-term care residents, and then correct quality concerns.

(1) Michael Lin PhD; Miranda Meadow MPH; Ron Fish MBA; Sung-Joon Min PhD; Andrew Kramer MD, “Relationship Between abaqis Use and Both Survey Performance and Occupancy”, Providigm Research Brief, Vol 3 Issue 1, July 2015.
(2) Data from “A Report on Shortfalls in Medicaid Funding for Nursing Center Care”, ElJay, LLC., January 2014.

Providigm creates quality improvement solutions for health care. Through Providigm’s web-based systems and comprehensive training, providers are able to improve the quality of care and life of their residents. Providigm’s patented abaqis® Quality Management System is the nation’s leading assessment and reporting system based on CMS’s Quality Indicator Survey. With its recent expansion in Post-Acute Care Readmissions Tracking, as well as it’s full complement of tools for survey readiness, QAPI, and Customer Satisfaction, abaqis is designed to help nursing homes in any market prepare for changes in the post-acute and long-term care industry. Providigm’s accomplished Research Group provides the scientific foundation and cutting-edge methodology behind its quality systems. For more information, visit

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