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Providigm’s Research Team is the industry leader in developing quality assessment methods and measures for post-acute and long-term care. The credibility of the Team doesn’t just rely on their exceptional qualifications; it is proven by their track record of outstanding performance under government-funded and private sector research contracts, and evidenced by their academic and policy publications.

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Andrew Kramer, M.D.

Providigm’s Research Team is led by Dr. Andrew Kramer. Dr. Kramer’s experience includes 30 years of academic research in quality of care measurement for elders, during which time he held an Endowed Professorship in the Department of Medicine at the University of Colorado.


Michael Lin, Ph.D.

Providgm’s Chief Scientific Officer, Michael Lin Ph.D., came from the Graduate School Faculty in Public Health at  the University of Pittsburgh where his experience and research focused on adoption of health information technology in long-term care and organizational changes that facilitate use of information technology in healthcare.



Recent Projects

Readmission and Community Discharge

Funding Agency: Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) (2006-2017)
The research and analysis of Readmission to Hospital and Community Discharge from SNFs for multiple contracts

The Role of Organizational Culture in Retaining Nursing Workforce

Funding Agency: The National Institute on Aging (2013)
Examined how organizational culture in nursing homes affects staff turnover.

Effect of QAPI on Quality in Nursing Centers

Funding Agency: Providigm (2013)
Studies of the effectiveness of QAPI using the abaqis® Quality Management System

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Method for Continuously Evaluating Adherence to Accreditation Standards

Funding Agency: Providigm (2012-2013)
A metric-based Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Accreditation Program for Nursing Centers

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Design of Improved Resident/Family Satisfaction Measures

Funding Agency: Providigm (2012)
Innovative advances in real-time measurement and benchmarking for customer experience in health care

Resident Quality Inspection (RQI)

Funding Agency: Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOH), Ontario, Canada (2008-2013)
Design of RQI process and methods, validation of approach, and development of software solution for inspections conducted in every home in the Province of Ontario, Canada

Quality Indicator Survey (QIS)

Funding Agency: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (2007-2012)
Design, evaluation, and refinement of State Survey Agency and Regional Office Implementation methods for QIS, and certification of QIS Trainers

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