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Providigm creates practical solutions that health care providers can use to monitor and increase quality, improving the outcomes of those they care for.

abaqis makes it easy to put quality first.

abaqis is a proven quality management system advancing beyond survey readiness with solutions for QAPI, customer satisfaction, and predictive risk of readmission and risk-adjusted readmission reporting. abaqis assesses compliance against the full federal regulation, with additional features that help fulfill all five elements required for a comprehensive QAPI program. Additionally, by improving survey performance, managing QAPI, enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing readmissions, abaqis supports marketing to referral partners to increase census.

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PACsight gives you the visibility to effectively create and manage your network.

PACsight is a web-based system that streamlines the process of evaluating your post-acute care providers for inclusion in your organization’s preferred provider network. PACsight provides you with visibility to publicly available quality information about these organizations, as well as to those performance and quality metrics that they have submitted at your request. You can then compare metrics across Post Acute Care centers and effectively evaluate your network without difficulty, helping you to manage your network and monitor network performance. PACsight fosters collaboration across the care continuum, putting an emphasis on provider quality, thereby improving outcomes and elevating patient care and experience.

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