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Strengthen your post-acute network with PACsight

PACsight allows hospitals to:

Elevate quality within your post-acute network
Enhance the discharge process
Make the right decisions – confidently
Foster collaboration
Improve data management
Increase efficiency

How PACsight works

Customizable requests for information (RFI)

Align your unique quality improvement goals with the data you expect from post-acute providers in your network.

Clearly identified provider attributes

Match unique patient needs to the post-acute provider that can provide the best care.

Analysis map

A bird’s eye view of all the post-acute providers in your region. Search by name, address or zip code or scroll through the map to bring the field of view into your desired geographic location.

Provider compare dashboard

All publicly available and customizable RFI data at your fingertips.


The data you need when you need it
Hospitals and health systems are increasingly accountable for the quality and cost of care after discharge. Guiding patients to an appropriate post-acute setting helps maximize quality outcomes, minimize the risk of avoidable readmissions and reduce unnecessary care. To achieve these goals, you need high quality,
real-time data from your post-acute providers.

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What PACsight gives you
  • One-click access to real-time quality metrics, trends and performance scores from post-acute providers
  • A standardized way to manage data from your post-acute partners
  • The ability to help patients and families make more informed choices about post-acute care
  • An easy way to compare, monitor and evaluate your partners

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Connect with your post-acute partners

Access our secure portal to receive, consolidate, and integrate data
  • INITIATE. Post-acute providers submit their approved data through PACsights’s secure web application.
  • CONSOLIDATE. PACsight captures and consolidates publicly available provider data.
  • INTEGRATE. PACsight integrates directly with the abaqis® Quality Management System to provide proprietary dataenhancing visibility into the performance of your post-acute network.

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What healthcare providers are saying about PACsight

“Today, healthcare demands enhanced communication between hospitals and post-discharge partners. PACsight provides the perfect vehicle for delivering our message and highlighting our quality.”
-Vinton Fleming | Regional Director of Business Development | Health Services Management Group

What healthcare providers are saying about PACsight

“PACsight will provide the mechanism to develop a post-acute scorecard that will be used to improve the quality of post-acute care in Memphis, TN.”
-Sandra Bailey, Former VP, Transitional Care | Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare | Memphis, TN
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