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Manage quality, comply with regulations, and build census with abaqis

abaqis is a complete quality management system

     Continuous survey readiness

  QAPI Plan & Facility Assessment tools

  Marketing to hospitals and MCOs

  Enterprise-level monitoring and reporting

      Customer and employee satisfaction

    Hospital readmission tracking

dollars less in CMPs after enacting abaqis


zero-deficiency surveys, twice the national rate

fewer survey deficiencies than before using abaqis


point increase in occupancy for $500K more in revenue

survey thresholds

Comply with regulations

abaqis says you’re serious about survey

abaqis is the only quality management system proven to reduce deficiencies and increase quality of care. Developed by the quality experts at Providigm, and utilizing the same assessment and investigation tools surveyors will employ in the new Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP), abaqis walks your facility through the full regulation and pinpoints potential areas of non-compliance, identifies root causes of potential deficiencies, and targets areas for corrective action.

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Manage QAPI

Improve your quality and market your results

​QAPI regulations add a new dimension to your quality efforts. Your facility must be actively monitoring for compliance with current industry standards and continuously pursuing quality improvement. The tough part: Can you prove that you’ve done so? With abaqis, you can. abaqis fufills all Five Elements of QAPI required by CMS, with easy-to-use tools to help you to complete your QAPI Plan and Facility Assessment.

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abaqis PIP screenshot
abaqis customer satisfaction screenshot

Enhance Satisfaction

With abaqis, you get real time feedback that results in real satisfaction

The things that keep your residents happy and satisfied are what make or break recommendations for your facility. abaqis helps you identify and make changes — big and small — that help improve quality of life and increase customer satisfaction.

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Monitor Readmissions

Track and trend readmissions rates risk-adjusted for your case mix

Collaboration is essential in our rapidly changing healthcare environment. In order to demonstrate value and quality to referral partners, providing meaningful data is critical. By tracking your facility’s raw and risk-adjusted readmission rates and uncovering readmission trends, abaqis provides you with the actionable data you need to reduce readmission rates and be a preferred partner.

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abaqis readmission rate tool
abaqis partner report view

Market Your Facility

Claim your rightful spot on partner referral lists

Acute-care partners are much more selective about who they recommend for care transition. They want evidence, backed up with data. abaqis captures and presents the performance metrics partners want. With concise and easy to understand partner reporting, you’ll earn your position on their list of preferred care providers.

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What healthcare providers are saying about abaqis

“By the time we had our survey…all the issues that
abaqis helped us uncover were resolved…
-Mary Ellen Gaudette, RN, NHA | Manchester Manor | Hartford, CT

What healthcare providers are saying about abaqis

“Our residents are happier with their quality of life, and our staff is better
at what they do and more satisfied with their jobs.”
-Linda Patton | Administrator | Manor Court | Peoria, IL.

What healthcare providers are saying about abaqis

“We are in a very competitive state for referrals, so it is very powerful to show our hospital partners that we not only care about the things they care about, but [that] we are doing something about them.”
– Lisa Anetrini, RN, BSN, MSA, NHA | Vice President of Clinical Services at Ciena and Laurel Healthcare | Southfield, MI 

What healthcare providers are saying about abaqis

“abaqis has helped our organization significantly in improving our QAPI process. We create performance improvement projects in real time to address the needs of our residents. It completely revamped the way we look at quality and has allowed us to continue to be an essential partner in this ever changing health care environment.”
– Maggie Bogdan | Assistant Administrator | Presbyterian SeniorCare | Oakmont, PA

What healthcare providers are saying about abaqis

“abaqis has greatly helped us track and trend our hospital readmissions making it easy to determine root causes. It has become an essential tool in our efforts to reduce readmission rates. The reports are a wonderful resource to demonstrate to our partners readmission rates across our network and promote our communities as the preferred choice for resident placement.”
– Shelly Kennedy | Network Director of RNACs | Presbyterian SeniorCare | Oakmont, PA

What healthcare providers are saying about abaqis

“An integral part of our QA program because it is
outcome based and so closely aligns with the survey.”

– Nani L. Gray | Former Senior Vice President of Clinical Service | Avalon Health Care, Inc.

What healthcare providers are saying about abaqis

“Wake Robin has been using abaqis since 2009. This is our 3rd year of Deficiency Free survey results and we believe that abaqis has helped us to focus on areas of resident care for closer examination, as well as identifying  potential areas of focus by a survey team. We’re a small facility but with abaqis being done twice a year by a multidisciplinary team, we’ve got a great source of data for our Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement efforts.”

– Linda S. Phypers, RN, B.S.HCM, LNHA | Director of Health Services | Wake Robin Corporation

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