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Danielle Holthaus

Senior Vice President of Operations

Since joining Providigm in 2007, Danielle has been integral to the company’s contract and training operations. She oversees the Client Services Department, which includes abaqis training, contract administration, client support, and account management.  From 2007-2012, she led Providigm’s surveyor training contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and now plays a key role in managing Providigm’s Survey Services, through which long-term care surveys are conducted under contract on behalf of state survey agencies. Danielle was a natural fit for this dual role, bringing with her more than a decade of experience in health care, contract management, and health policy research.

One of her priorities is to identify talented staff and give them the support they need to excel in serving long-term care residents and the staff who care for them. Another is to give health care providers the targeted training, support, and tools they need to do what they do best, which is to deliver quality health care within a highly demanding yet compassionate environment. In her mind, “putting people first—both long-term care residents and the people who care for them—is what defines Providigm as a company.”

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