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Kendra Mulvey

Vice President of Engineering

Kendra began her career with a Masters in Experimental Psychology where her primary focus was on the research and data analysis within the mental health and geriatric health care space. While focusing on her post-graduate data analytics, Kendra discovered the power of software and automation and how it could be used to gain greater insight in data reporting and visualization. Working with Andy, CEO of Providigm, Kendra discovered a common passion for writing software and to reveal improvements in the quality of care of the fragile elders in our communities. Upon the founding of Providigm, Kendra quickly joined the young company to utilize her software development skills to assist in revolutionizing how quality of care can be measured, analyzed and presented.

Her passion for constant learning in the ever-changing technology and health care arena has earned Kendra her role and continues to help Providigm innovate solutions that are both user-friendly and robust.

Outside of work, Kendra enjoys spending time in the Colorado mountains with her husband and two children.

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